Gregor Mendel
"Father of Genetics"

  • Austrian Munk; ran the monastary garden
  • perfomed an experiment using peaplants

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Mendel's Experiment

  • Mendel bred different pea plants together
  • over time he discovered that certain traits appear more than others

Mendel's Conclusions

  • The Law of Segragation - a pair of factores is seperated during the formationof an offspring
  • The Law of Independant Assortment - factors for different characteristics are distributed to offspring independantly


  • Incomplete Dominance - inheritance relationship that occurs when both alleles influence the phenotype
  • Codominance - inheritance relationship in which neither allele mask each other

Hybrid Crosses

  • Monohybrid Cross - a cross between individuals that includes one set of contrasting traits
  • Dihybrid Cross - a cross between individuls that includes two sets of contrasting traits

Dihybrid Cross
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Monohybrid Cross
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Trait - a characteristic of species determined by a specific gene

Dominant - masks the other genes

Recessive - masked by the other gene

Gene - a sequence of base pairs in DNA that code for a specific protein

Chromosome - structures that carry genetic info in the form of DNA

Allele - alternate form of a gene

Hybrid - organism produced by parents with differing traits

Homozygous - both pairs of genes for a specific trait are the same

Heterozygous - both pairs of genes are different

Genotype - genetic make up of an organism

Phenotype - the physical apperance of an organism