Chemical Equation

  • The conversion of light energy into chemical energy stored in organic compounds
  • In plants, energy is produced by combining three main ingredients in the chloroplasts
  • In animals, energy is obtained by the outside world and turned into energy
Parts of a leaf
  • Stoma:on the surface of the leaf, it opens like pores to allow things in and out
  • Thylakoid: structure inside chloroplast that contain pigment
  • Granum: stacks of thylakoids
  • Stroma: the fluid that fills the chloroplast

  • They absorb certain colors of light and reflect or transmit other colors
  • Photosynthesis begins with the absorption of light by the pigments in the thylakoids
Light Reactions
1. Reaction occurs in membrane of thylakoid
2. Light excites e-in chlorophyll pigments (e-go from low energy to high energy)
3. e-travel to other molecules in membrane, losing energy along the way (this is called the Electron Transport Chain or ETC)
4. e-combine to makeā€¦ ADP + phosphate + e-ATP

Needs: Light energy & H2O
Makes: ATP
Waste: Oxygen

Calvin Cycle
1. Ocurrs in stroma of chloroplast
2. Uses ATP and H from light reaction
3. ATP + H + CO2(from air) glucose(carb)
4. Produces glucose