Practice Quiz
1. All atoms of a certain element, no matter the bonds created by the atom, will have the same number of ___.
a) Electronsexternal image water.gif
b) Protons
c) Neutrons
d) Protons and neutrons
2. Why is water considered the universal solvent?
3. How many electrons can each of the first 3 shells hold, going from closest to farthest from the nucleus?
a) 2-2-8
b) 8-8-8
c) 2-8-8
d) 8-8-2
4. Explain how sodium and chlorine bond.
5. What are the 4 characteristics of water?
6. How are water molecules held to one another?
7. Explain why water is polar.
8. What is a covalent bond? external image 85011519.JPG
9. What is an isotope?
10. What are the columns and rows of the periodic table called?
11. What are the building blocks of the four molecules of life?
12. What are the three functional groups?
13. How many hydrogens can bond with carbon?
14. What do DNA and RNA stand for and what are the three parts that make up them up?
15. What are the functions of the four molecules of life?