Practice Quiz!!
Place in order for DNA replication:
1._ A. Polymerase
2._ B. Primase
3._ C. Ligase
4._ D. Helicase

5. Why does DNA need to be transcribed into RNA?

6. What is the cite of protein synthesise?

7. What are three diffrences between RNA and DNA

8. How are the cromosomes and DNA connected?

9. how can a virus use DNA to replicate itself?

10. What is the diffrence between transcription and translation?

11. How many bases are in a single codon?

12. What is the diffrence between a codon and an anticodon? where are they found?

13. What base is found on RNA but not DNA?


14. What is this a photo of?

15. What is the patern in which DNA replication gos? 5-3 or 3-5?

16. Where does protien synthisis take place in the cell?

Match these DNA bases with their RNA matches

17. G
18. A
19. T

Match these DNA bases with their anticodon matches

20. A
21. T
22. A
23. G


1-4. D,B,A,C 5. DNA can not fit through pours in the nuclear envelope, and need to become single stranded to be used in the cell 6. Ribosome. 7. Double / single strands… RNA contains Uracil… RNA can leave nucleolus. 8. Chromosomes are DNA wrapped tightly. 9. A virus can insert coding into the DNA to have more of itself created by the cell. 10. Transcription changes DNA information to RNA. Translation changes RNA information into polypeptide chains. 11. 3 12. Codon is a collection of three bases on RNA. An Anticodon on the tRNA and matches a amino acid that matches the codon code. 13. Uracil 14. Ribosome. Translation 15. 5-3 16. Cytoplasm 17-19. C,U,A 20-23. A,T,A,G