Practice Quiz - Microbiology


1. A virus can reproduce on its own.
2. Antibiotics can kill viruses.
3. Not all bacteria are bad.
4. The Ebola virus has six proteins.
5. Bacteria can survive on their own.
6. Ebola Zaire has a 90% rate of death.
7. A vaccine is a dose of something that contains a dead or weakened pathogen.
8. Bacteria are eukaryotic cells.
9. Viruses can infect bacteria.
10. Viruses breakdown when they come into contact with ultra violet rays.


1. Which of these viruses is not a filovirus? a. Ebola b. Marburg c. Influenza
2. The Lytic Cycle happens in which order? a. Attachment, Release, Entry, Assembly, Replication b. Attachment, Entry, Replication, Assembly, Release c. Release, Assembly, Replication, Entry, Attachment
3. Which of these is not a shape of bacteria? a. Bacilli b. Spirillum c. Polyhedral
4. An Obligate Anaerobic bacteria can… a. Only exist in the presence of oxygen b. Only exist in the absence of oxygen c. Can live in any combination of gasses
5. Retroviruses use the enzyme _ to _. a. Reverse Transcriptase / Replicate b. Amino Acid / Enter Cells c. Peptidoglycan / Kill Bacteria
6. Ebola Reston has the ability to travel through the… a. Air b. Blood c. Both A and B


1. Viruses are (smooth/sticky) so that they can get into a host cell.
2. Bacteriophages attack (bacteria/animals).
3. A hot zone is an area containing (lethal/harmless) pathogens.
4. Most viruses are shaped (rod/complex).
5. 99% of all bacteria are (helpful/harmful).
6. The most deadly strain of Ebola is (Sudan/Zaire).