1)What is Glycolysis?

2)What is the difference between ADP and ATP?

3)How do light reactions occur?

4)What are the two types of respiration?

5)What are enzymes and what is their job?

6)What are the finishing products of the Krebs Cycle?

7)Where does the Calvin Cycle occur?

8)How much ATP does the Electronic Transport Chain create?

9)What is the chemical equation of photosynthesis?

10)What are the two types of fermentation?

11)How does carbon dioxide enter the leaf?

12)The most important part of pigments is to?

13) What does the calvin cycle produce?

14) How do leaves turn different colors?

1) the process of breaking up carbon 6
2) Light energy and H2O
3)Light excites e-in chlorophyll pigments (e-go from low energy to high energy), then e-travel to other molecules in membrane, losing energy along the way e-travel to other molecules in membrane, losing energy along the way, finally e-combine to makeā€¦ ADP + phosphate + e-ATP
4) Aereobic and Anaerobic
Enzymes are catalysts that lower the activation energy for a reaction
6)CO2, ATP
7) It occurs in stroma of chloroplast
8)34 ATP
9) 6CO2 + 6H2O + light energy = C6H12O6 + 6O2
10) Alcoholic and Lactic Acid

11) process of glycoysis
12)create the color of the plant
14)light is taken in from the outside and turned into a cetain pigment then reflected back out to change the color of the leaf