Genetics Quiz

1. Who is the father of genetics?

2. Name the order of Meiosis.

3. What happens during Anaphase 1?

4. What happens during Prophase 1?

5. What type of cells does Meiosis produce? Haploid or Diploid?

6. What type of reproduction does Meiosis use?

7. What is a chromosome?

8. How many chromosomes are in a normal human body cell?

9. What are the four ways chromosome abnormality can occur?

10. What is a pedigree and who uses them?

11. What is the normal set of chromosomes in a normal male, and female?

12. What is the difference between codominance and incomplete?

13. What kind of plants did Mendel experiment on?

14. How many chromosomes are in a sex cell?

15. What is the difference between monohybrid and a dihybrid cross?

1. Gregor Mendel
3. chromosomes are pulled apart
4. nuclear envelope breaks apart, and the spindles start to go to both sides of the cell
5. Haploid
6. sexual
7. long rod shaped structure composed of DNA and proteins
10. shows all possible phenotypes for an individual, used by genealogists
11.XY, XX
12. codominance is when both traits are expressed at same time, incomplete both are present but not showed at the same time.
13. pea plants
14. 23
15.monohybrid is one traut and dihybrid is two.