Welcome to the Embryonic Quiz of Unit 6!!!

1. Why has there been an increase of births in the United States?

2. What are the set of gonads in male and female?

3. What are the major sex hormones of the male and female reproductive system?

4. What is hermaphroditism?

5. What is the placenta and what does it do for the baby?

6. How many sperm can fertilize an egg?

7. What are the first few mitotic cell divisions?

8. How long are the three trimesters?

9. What does PMS stand for?

10. Where does fertilizatin occur?

11. How long is the menstral cycle?

12. What is contraception?

13. What is included in the ovarian cycle?

14. How many eggs do females have?

15. How many sperm do males have?

16. How long is ovulation?

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1. Because of the increase use of in feternity drugs.
2. Male- testes, Female-ovaries
3. Male- testosterone, Female- estrogen & progesterone
4. When a baby is born with both female and male parts
5. It exchanges nutrients, gases, and waste products.
6. One
7. Cleavage
8. They are each three months in legnth
9. PreMenstral Syndrome
10. In the fallopian tubes
11.It lasts 3-5 days
12. Contraception is the deliberate prevention of pregnancy
13. The ovarian cycle includes changes in the ovary, the menstral cycle, and ovulation (day 13 to 15)
14. Females have about 400 eggs for their life
15. Males make millions everyday
16. Ovulation is 3 to 5 days