1. Your "HOME" page of your unit must have a large heading title, related image, summary of the unit, the unit's objectives, and a list of important vocabulary terms listed in alphabetical order and defined.
  2. A new page needs to be added for each section topic of your unit (see unit section breakdown below). The page name required is italicized below-- THIS HAS ALREADY BE DONE FOR YOU!
  3. Each page/section must include information on your topic, a minimum of 2-images, 1-animation (embedded or via hyperlink), and 1-video*
  4. A group-created "Practice Quiz" for your unit must be present with 10-20 questions accompanied by answers at the end (try putting your answers upside down at the bottom of the quiz!)
  5. All information/images/videos/animations must be cited appropriately for your unit in a "WORKS CITED" section within your wiki's unit. See Bibliography Formats for citation information.

    • EXTRA CREDIT (optional)
    • *Video--> Extra Credit if one of the videos in your unit is created by you! Be sure that student faces are NOT present in your video.


Unit 1 - Chemistry-Biochemistry
    1. Chem Basics - The Chemical Basis of Life - Elements, Atoms, Molecules (include water), and Types of Bonds
    2. Life Molecules - The Molecules of Life - Carbohydrates, Protein, Lipids, and Nucleic Acids, characteristics of Carbon

Unit 2 - Cell
    1. Organelles - Organelle Structure and Function
    2. Transport - Cell Transport & Plasma Membrane
    3. Mitosis - Cell Division I, the Cell Cycle, and Cancer

Unit 3 - Cell Energy
    1. Cellular Respiration - Glycolysis, Kreb's Cycle, Electron Transport Chain, and Fermentation
    2. Photosynthesis - Parts of a leaf, Pigments, Light Reactions, and Calvin Cycle
    3. Energy - Role of ATP, enzymes, and reactions

Unit 4 - Genetics
    1. Meiosis - Cell Division II
    2. Inheritance - Patterns of Inheritance - Mendel's Laws
    3. Human Genetics - Chromosomes, karyotypes, pedigrees, types of human genetic disorders, and sex-linked inheritance

Unit 5 - Nucleic Acids & Protein Synthesis
    1. DNA - Structure and Replication
    2. RNA - Structure, types of RNA, and comparison to DNA
    3. Protein Synthesis - Transcription and Translation

Unit 6 - Embryology
    1. Human Reproduction - Anatomy of male and female reproductive organs
    2. Stages - Early Stages of Embryonic Development
    3. Pregnancy - Support structures for the fetus, and stages of fetal development

Unit 7 - Microbiology
    1. Bacteria
    2. Viruses
    3. Hot Zone