I know exactly what you're thinking, "yo, this wikispace gangsta is totally not fly", well have I got news for you.

What up, RNA time.

Check it yo. RNA (ribonucleic acid) is a single stranded polynucleotide helix, similar to your homie DNA, 'cept with only one strand. Also RNA doesn't contain the thymine nucleotide, instead it has uracil, which is pretty dope too. Also RNA contains the ribose sugar, unlike it's bro DNA which has the sugar dioxyribose. Both RNA and DNA are polymers of nucleotides and are nucleic acids, dog. Feel me? Just so you know what up, nucleotides are comprised of sugar, phosphate, and nitrogen base. The smokin' graphic on the left illustrates for y'all the chemical structure of each nucleotide.

Before we start wildin' out RNA style, I suppose I shoud lay down RNA's job, so y'all can get wid it. RNA is responsible for the movement of genetic info to the cites of protein synthesis (ribosomes) in the cytosol.
It's job is vital for DNA replication.
There three different types of RNA and each is equally illin'.
First off, mRNA. mRNA, or messanger RNA, is an uncoiled chain that carries coding information from the nucleus to the ribosome. The bangin' process by which mRNA picks up choice info is known as "transcription", y'all straight? I popped in a wicked gnarly vid down at the bottom of the page. For more info, check this interactive animation this website.
Another type of RNA is tRNA, transfer RNA. It's nucleotides aranged in a cloverleaf pattern. It's job is hecka important, it totally transfers the code in codons to make animo acids. This process is called translation.
The last cowboy as it were is rRNA, ribosomal RNA. These nucleotides are aranged in a globular way, this makes up the ribosomes.